Policies Being Reviewed for Input

As of April 2023, please use QR Codes in presentation to provide feedback specific to policies 4120, 4130 and4 4140.

Innovative Learning Dept. PP Presentation - QR Codes to provide feedback

Policy 4120 Library Media Newly Revised - Redlined 4-20-23

Policy 4130 Gifted Formatted 3-30-23

Policy 4140 Instructional Materials Redlined 4-21-23




5309 School Unified Dress Code (last reviewed 03/08)

5309-A Guide

1402 Innovation Zones (last reviewed 02/98)

6.1 School Day Hours (last reviewed 09/74)

1.3 School Advisory Forum (last reviewed 07/04)

Calendar Options 2023-24 School Year

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3



Please email your input to CAAC.Chair@gmail.com and include the topic in the subject of the email. This will allow for sorting and redistribution. Send a separate email for each item you are providing input on.

See example below of preferred email subject.
Subject: Calendar options
Subject: Policy 6.1